Sunday, 29 September 2013

A little about the life in here...

OK! So my first proper post about the life in Geneva.
After being here a bit more than a month , I can say I really really like it :)
Some people say it's terrible and others say is amazing! I'm in the latter group..
First of all, Jet d'Eau

Somehow even if it's raining it looks good :)

AAand the lake! It's super coool. You can walk and walk, it's really refreshing or you can rent a boat (if you can handle it:)) or a pedalboat. I've already done the second one and it was aamazing! One could swim in the lake and water is really transparent. It seems like the bottom is right there whereas in reality you cant touch the ground..

Another thing is that a life in here is really really expensive! For example an average coffee in Starbucks cost around 7 franks.. and the cheapest drink there is around 6 fr. I don't even wanna know the prices on the Geneva Airport...

People here are nice but not as nice as in Scotland :)
Most of them speak English so there is no problem in buy stuff etc..
Of course! I've almost forgot about the chocolate!

Again, soo expensive but so good at the same time :)
I'm going to the chocolate factory but about this in another post.... :D

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