Sunday, 29 September 2013

A little about the life in here...

OK! So my first proper post about the life in Geneva.
After being here a bit more than a month , I can say I really really like it :)
Some people say it's terrible and others say is amazing! I'm in the latter group..
First of all, Jet d'Eau

Somehow even if it's raining it looks good :)

AAand the lake! It's super coool. You can walk and walk, it's really refreshing or you can rent a boat (if you can handle it:)) or a pedalboat. I've already done the second one and it was aamazing! One could swim in the lake and water is really transparent. It seems like the bottom is right there whereas in reality you cant touch the ground..

Another thing is that a life in here is really really expensive! For example an average coffee in Starbucks cost around 7 franks.. and the cheapest drink there is around 6 fr. I don't even wanna know the prices on the Geneva Airport...

People here are nice but not as nice as in Scotland :)
Most of them speak English so there is no problem in buy stuff etc..
Of course! I've almost forgot about the chocolate!

Again, soo expensive but so good at the same time :)
I'm going to the chocolate factory but about this in another post.... :D

Saturday, 24 August 2013

Blog reactivation :D

Soo I wasn't writing here for a while :D
But now I have some spare time and I can finally fill in the gaps. First, from March till May, I was writing my dissertation and studying something called Derivatives and Treasury Management. And then there was a pleasurable part, which is GRADUATION :D

And it's over now :) 
After that I took some time off and spend a wonderful time in Poland. Just enjoying life :) 
Now, after a period of hard work and superb time in Poland, the time has come for Geneve and life as an au-pair. But more about that in the next post ;) 

Friday, 12 April 2013

Crazy seagulls and coffee in the sunshine!

Sometimes Aberdeen can be soo beautiful. Just few days ago, I had coffee (wonderful coffee from the amazing Kilau cafe) outside, sunbathing (could have worn the sunglasses but left them at home.. :)) and having gloves on :D
Another thing about Aberdeen that I havn't mentioned before are seagulls! They are terrible and hugee. They steal your food if you're not careful enough. Literally! They will come from behind and grab your sandwich/roll/danish and run/fly away...
So i wanted to take a picture of one of these silly creatures but it somehow sensed it and run away!! :)

Everybody keeps asking about any news about me. And the answer for this question about updates can be included in one word: DISSERTATION! Therefore, it means I don't have much spare time and all I'm doing is writing this stupid paper and researching. I cannot wait to be done with it! Although, it's quite exciting to work on your own piece of empirical work, well something that you've created! :D 

PS. My friend is coming to visit on Sunday, it's gonna be so much fun ;) 
The old (relatively) song I recently just got addicted to :)  Pumped up kicks

Wednesday, 10 April 2013


I've just found this photo somewhere.
I think it looks amazing! especially that it's a cliff (it was soo close to the sea) and if you look close enough you might find me and two of my friends :D

Sunday, 31 March 2013

Skye and being on the edge

The trip to the Isle of Skye has started in Aberdeen with coffee of course :) Firstly, the weather wasn't pretty but the further we went the more sunny it was..

That's the view at the Loch Ness.

The pictures are taken from the car, soo you can see how dirty the glass is..

The way to Inverness was quite boring, as it looked familiar. Then after passing through the Inverness we went down the Loch Ness. Surprisingly, no Nessie there!!
The further way was really cool and easy (well, for me as I was navigating not driving :)) It took us a few good hours to get there but it was totally worth it. Apart from Loch Ness the further we went, the sightseeing become more interesting and full of rocky mountains. It was so surprising to see the proper mountains so close. I mean, usually I needed to climb up for a bit on the hills to reach a rocky mountain and in here, it was there in the eyesight.

Then we arrived and I can truly say that Isle of Skye is aaamaznig! The views there are just beautiful. Full of mountains, hills and ninja sheep (ninja because they are expert at using the camouflage and hiding in the grass :)). The roads there are so narrow that only one car can be there at once, that's why, they have passing places and while passing the islander's car they would always or almost always wave or smile, or do something :) Generally, people are really nice and very, very friendly. We stayed in Portnalong, which is a very tiny village just on the north (but not very north) west coast. Staying there felt like being in the end of Europe or Britain or something :D Such a weird feeling. 
Basically, on the first day we were driving and after our arrival we wandered around for a bit and then stayed in. As after it gets dark you can't really do anything outside cause it's very dark and forget about the lamps outside as there are none, or almost none. 

On the second day, we went to the north of Skye. We tried to go into the Dunvegan castle but it was still closed. It's a pity cause it will be open in April, so basically we were a few days too early. But, oh, well, instead we went to the Neist Point.

Neist Point  is the most westerly point on Skye. You can even see the Atlantic :) At least a little bit in this and next two pictures.
It was so freaking scary, standing next to the cliffs. You can't really see it in the pictures but we were like 1/1.5 meter away from the edge. So shaky legs ;)

The lighthouse on the Neist Point. Getting there and back to the car, took us like 2/3 hours

On the final day, we basically have to leave very early and we were supposed to go to the distillery that was nearby the Portnalong, but somehow we missed it. Now, looking back I can say that it was a good thing, because we had enough time to go to the Eilean Castle. I lovee visiting castle and this one is I think one of the most recognisable castle in Scotland. Maybe not by name, but by the look for sure. It's like everyone knows that there is a castle on the water somewhere in Scotland :) :) The castle was like a theme for the Brave movie. I mean, that the castle in Brave was based on the Eilean Castle (or supposed to be). Also, one James Bond movie was filmed here. At least partially. It was the Scottish headquarters in The world is not enough. Basically, I've seen this part of the castle that was used in the movie and I must say it's like 2 squared meters, maximum... What's more, it's always good to talk to the people that make sure none is taking pictures inside. First thing, they are really nice and second, they know all the secrets and other interesting things about the place that you'd never know otherwise :)

The Eilean Castle...
... and me next to it

 Lost in the castle :D

That would be it, as for the Isle of Skye. I wish I could go there again though and go North and see Ulg, Porteree and the north part of the island. And castles of course :)

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Scotland? What Scotland?!

It's quite embarrassing to say but I havn't seen much Scotland outside of Aberdeen. Yeah, I went to Edinburgh or Stonehaven for a few times, or to the few distilleries but nothing else. As such, I'm going to the Isle of Skye tomorrow, for a few days. yaaay
Hopefully the weather would be better than how it was for a past few days. So i can take lots of photos :D

But as for now, there is nothing better than a cup of hot coffee, vanilla ice-cream (Ben and Jerry of course) and P!nk newest single or one of the newest.

Btw. Do you realise how difficult it is to buy cheap eye contacts in this country? Almost impossible...

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Life in Aberdeen

As for now I live and study in Aberdeen, where the weather is not really stable. That's the view from the library's window a few days ago.. And then half an hour after taking this picture it was green and sunny again .. If you get it, let me know as I don't. 
Buuut living in Aberdeen has its good points as well. 
You can run at the sea side (if it's not too windy) and the views are aamazing. Usually, in the mornings there is plenty of dog-walkers there. 

What else do I do here? It's my final year soo graduation is getting closer and closer. That means plenty of work on the dissertation, but it's not as bad as it sounds. I have some time to sleep :-0 and party ;)
Aberdeen is a very party-friendly! Depending on what you like, you can probably find it here. Different music, different people and different atmosphere. For some you pay or queue, in some you get crappy drinks  and in others they are better. Some have terrace and others are post-church places. Huuge variety as for such a small city (or medium/big size city-really relative expression). What else.. our uni looks nice. You can see on the pictures below 

That's the super-duper new library, open last year.             

There you can see an Elphinstone Hall (behind the tree:D ). 

 The next three pictures are of the Chaplaincy at the university. It's very characteristic for Aberdeen Uni and something they? we? are or should be proud of.

That's New Kings, which is just a random building that looks better from the outside that on the inside. 

I think that's all about Aberdeen as for now. I'll probably write something more later on, if I feel like it :)